Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the seventh day of school.........

Ms. Myers reads a story to TLC children.

Kindergarten students practice their writing skills.
 On the seventh day of school, Mrs. Kennedy enjoyed a journey through the classrooms of New Hampton Elementary.

She saw children working, reading, writing, speaking, listening, and learning. She saw teachers teaching, testing, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

She loves her job!

A student teacher enjoys one of his first kindergarten lesson.

Ms. Mueterthies administers a literacy assessment.

A second grader gets lost in a book!
A TLC students shares a smile while creating a picture!

Another second grader lost in a book!

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23rd Bucket Buddies

 Skylar, Katie, and Logan were happy to win the first t-shirts for the school year. The three of them got their name drawn out of the office buckets by Mrs. Kriener. The three of them are great kids and certainly deserve to have their faces light up in their neon safety green, Bucket Buddy t-shirts!

Congratulations to the three of them. They are three of the reasons why New Hampton Elementary is a great place to be....everyday. 
Classroom Bucket Buddies pose for a picture!

A huge thank you to Bank Iowa for buying t-shirts for us this year once again. They are the sponsors of our Bucket Buddy Program once again this year. Another thank you goes out to McDonald's for certificates for free apple slices and ice cream cones!
The perfect day for a Party in the Park!
The sand is just a bit warm on the feet!

 The Party in the Park celebration was held on Wednesday, August 21st. The day turned out to be perfect with just a hint of a breeze and temperatures warmed by the welcome sunshine.

Students who completed the summer reading program were invited to walk to the park to play for a few hours. About 86% of the first - fourth graders read the required days and minutes in order to earn the reward of playing in the park with their friends.

Students and teachers enjoyed the day. It was a great day to get acquainted with classmates and enjoy the fact that they had contributed to their reading ability by practicing during their summer break.

Thank you, Mrs. Kriener, for facilitating this initiative.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

  Sheer Joy! Well, there were a few tears shed when the first day of TLC started, but most of them were shed by the mothers who dropped their precious little ones off for a day of fun, learning activities. I am always amazed at how quickly young children adjust to the school experience.

What could be cuter than a group of four-year-old children gathered around the sand table just chatting, sharing, and having fun together!
 So Busy! The little girls in this picture were far too busy to pose for a picture. They were way into telling stories about what was happening with their dolls in the dollhouse.
Be careful! In another classroom, students played at the rice table. As I stepped closer to hear their conversation, I slipped on some rolling rice around the table. No surprise! They were so intent in what they were doing, there was no conversation going on!

There were reminders! Imagine, assisting four-year-old children through the lunch line! There were reminders to pick up silverware and stop for some catsup. There were reminders to hold their tray with both hands and watch where they were going. There were reminders to go all the way to the end of the table before climbing into, what was for some, that big table! There were reminders to open their milk and start eating right away. There were reminders to use friendly, soft voices with their peers. There were reminders to keep eating....over and over again.

And then, there were all those reminders surrounding the experience of dumping their tray and milk carton. Whew!

It was a great day for the children and staff of TLC!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

That Much Anticipated First Day of School

 The office was busy greeting parents and children on that first day back. The first day happened without too many glitches!
 Here they come! Ready or not! Fortunately, we have worked for weeks to get ready for this day so we were more than ready! Most students came in with big smiles on their faces and backpacks on their backs.
 The transitional kindergarten students modeled for me just how to line up when they were getting ready to step out into the hallway. One of them was heard to say, "We are practicing line basics, Mrs. Kennedy!" That is sometimes hard to remember when you are five!
 "Take our picture, Mrs. Kennedy!" These first graders are doing a supply inventory with their teacher. They are ready to get going on first grade activities.
 Mrs. Nosbisch is teaching her students the behavioral expectations for kindergarten students. They are already very attentive. "Good job, Mrs. Nosbisch!"
These kindergarten students are shown on the very first day how to keep themselves safe if ever they are in school and the tornado alarm goes off.
Impressive! They already have it down!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Orientation for Families

August 15th was the day before the official first day of school for New Hampton Elementary. Grade level teachers held their Orientation for Families sessions to inform parents of grade level programming and expectations, and also to share ways they could involve themselves in their child's education.

Teachers held an informal open house all day in their classrooms so that families could come in to visit and drop off their school supplies.

The Brincks family enjoyed their visit and even stopped in the office to say hello....much to my delight!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Getting Closer

 During the August inservice days, teachers scramble to get ready for the students for their first day of school. Today, I wandered up and down the hallways and in and out of room and enjoyed the beautiful classrooms. They are all so colorful and inviting, but look a bit empty without NHE students.

Janet Heeren was writing student names of items when I peeked into her room. Janet has moved to room 31 and has made it look like home.
 Judy Morgan was doing the same thing when I walked into room 33. She is truly excited about being in second grade this year.

Miranda Eichenberger was just about to launch into her next task when I stepped in. She is happy to be teaching in Room 10 this year.