Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fleece Blanket Delivery

The wind was straight out of the north making the air a bit chilly as the fourth graders from Mr. Pagel's room walked over to the hospital on December 23rd. These Kids in Charge had an important mission. They were delivering 34 fleece blankets to Mercy Hospital to be distributed to children and adults who are patients. The blankets were made by the seventeen K - 4 classrooms of NHE as their caring project during the month of December. Children brought coins and staff paid to wear jeans for a day to fund the purchase of fifty-one yards of fleece.

Mrs. Jane Throndson and the fourth graders greet Jenny at the hospital.

Jenny receives the blankets from an excited group of fourth graders.

The fourth graders are leaving the hospital after their fleece blanket presentation.

December 23rd Bucket Fillers of the Week

These students were the classroom bucket fillers on December 23rd.

Carson Fangman is a second grader in the classroom of Mrs. Nuss. He is a helper at school and is just delighted his name was pulled out to be the winner of the t-shirt. He hurried right down to the office and just couldn't stop smiling.

We congratulate you, Carson. Thank you for being a bucket filler at NHE everyday!

Madison Mangano is a fourth grader in Mr. Pagel's classroom. She put her name in the bucket for being a helper, also. Madison has a wonderful smile and she shares it readily. She looks especially good in the neon green t-shirt.

Congratulations, Madison. You make NHE a great place to be!

Evan Ellsworth was surprised to hear his name over the intercom. He hustled right down to the office and we found a t-shirt that was just the right fit for him. He got to put his name in the classroom bucket because he made sure that a friend was not left out of a game. Way to go, Evan. That is what friendship is all about and that is what bucket filling is all about.

We are very proud to have you wear this t-shirt! Congratulations!

Mallory Cleveland was watching the Polar Express movie when her name was called. We had to go get her to let her know that she was one of the winners of the t-shirts for being a bucket filler. Mallory said she got her name in the bucket for helping her teacher, Mrs. Dietzenbach. She is in the first grade.

The shirt looks great on you, Mallory. You have many years ahead of you to practice bucket filling and I just know you are going to do it. I am so proud of you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16th Bucket Fillers of the Week

When Austin's name was drawn and announced over the intercom, he was standing in my office within two minutes with a big grin on his face. Austin strives to be a fourth grade leader in our school and he fills buckets by helping his teacher everyday. The grin on his face shows some real pride in his accomplishments as a fourth grade student.

We are so proud of you, Austin. Thanks for being a true leader at NHE.
Austin is a fourth grader in Mrs. Hoy's classroom.

Audrey Anderson is a second grader in Mrs. Wakeman's classroom. She is a hard worker, a great helper, and a good friend to her classmates. Audrey helps her teacher and her classmates in any way that she can. She is showing her excitement about winning the t-shirt and being named bucket filler of the week in this picture.

Keep up the smiling and the good work, Audrey. You make New Hampton Elementary a great place to be.

This is a great group of NHE kids! They are the classroom bucket fillers of the week!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Skype Visit with Dad

Colin and Miranda enjoy a long-awaited visit with their Dad.

On a recent day at NHE, technology helped to put a little magic into the lives of two NHE students, Colin (kindergartener) and Miranda (first grader) Johanns. Their father, Michael Johanns is away from the family and is currently deployed in Afghanistan, which is especially tough around Christmastime. Knowing that, kindergarten teacher, Angie Rowan made the arrangements to use the skype camera to bring Dad into view if only for a few minutes.

Mrs. Rowan gathered her kindergarten students at the big screen in her room with Miranda and Colin in the prime spots. Angie reported the video quality was so good that Michael commented on the red noses of his two little ones noticing they had just come in from recess and the cold Iowa weather. All of the kindergarten students got into the act asking lots of questions of Mr. Johanns. Michael graciously shared about his job of fixing planes while over in Afghanistan.

It was a great experience for not only the two kids, but the entire class.

The quality of the video was great!

Colin and his buddies visit with Mr. Johanns.
Colin and Miranda watch and listen intently!

NHE's Holiday Caring Project

Mrs. Jane Throndson, at-risk coordinator, was our cheerleader for this project.

Making Fleece Blankets for the Children’s Department
Of Mercy Hospital in New Hampton

The staff and students at New Hampton Elementary are making the Holiday season (and all year long) a little brighter for some of the children who are hospitalized at Mercy Hospital in New Hampton. K - 4 students are making fleece blankets to give to the hospital to distribute as needed. The older students paired up with the younger students to help make the fleece into blankets. To fund the project, a Jeans Day was offered to each teacher for $5. Students brought coins to add to these funds in order to purchase enough fleece for the project.

The fleece blankets will be placed in gift sacks and delivered to the hospital prior to Christmas. Here are some pictures that show the fun and excitement the project generated.

Mrs. Hammel directs the activities at one table.
Fourth grade boys preferred working on the football fleece.

Fourth graders were very patient as they helped the kindergarten students. 

Students did a terrific job on the hard part, which was tying the fringe ends all the way around the blanket.

Students measured and prepared for the cutting part of the project.

Santa Claus Came to NHE

Can you imagine the noise level in the cafeteria on Thursday, December 15th when Santa decided to show up and serve ice cream to all good boys and girls at New Hampton Elementary? Santa was a busy man. He led the students in song, served ice cream to every student, and walked around with his ho-ho-ho's. There's not another person that can fill the NHE cafeteria with noise, excitement, and joy like the holiday's main-man, himself!
Santa led us in song. Here he is leading us in singing Jingle Bells.

Santa served ice cream to every good girl and boy at NHE.
Santa knows all the words to Santa Claus is Comin' to Town.
The fourth graders got to spend a little extra time with Santa!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have a Happy, Happy Holiday!

First graders follow Mrs. Mohling's directions to keep together.
The 2011 Holiday Program was entitled Have a Happy, Happy, Holiday and it was a success! A capacity crowd of parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends filled the high school gymnasium to enjoy the joy that effervesced from NHE's K - 4 students and their director, Mrs. Shelley Mohling. Here are a few photos that captured the spirit of the evening.
When is this program going to start?

This kindergarten student couldn't resist waving at the audience.

Second graders learned sign language for one of their songs.
Santa arrived during the 3rd and 4th grade mini-musical.

December 9th Bucket Fillers of the Week

Sophia Meissen is the lucky winner of a neon green t-shirt for being a bucket filler. She is in Ms. Snyder's first grade classroom and is always a helper. The smile you see her wearing in this picture is the one she shares with everyone on a regular basis.

We are proud of you, Sophia! Keep up the good work! You are such a caring person!

Hailey Shekleton is a second grader who was also chosen to be a t-shirt winner. She looks happy, too!

Hailey is kind to her friends and peers at school. She is also kind to the animals that she calls her own. Her horse Peaches is a real favorite of hers. I am sure we won't be seeing Peaches in a neon green t-shirt soon, but we will see the gal riding on Peaches wearing one.

Congratulations, Hailey! Hailey is a second grader in the classroom of Mrs. Wakeman.

Classroom bucket fillers show off their free ice cream cone certificates from McDonald's.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Program Rehearsal Looks Like......

Santa's elves singing "It's About Love" with great voices.
Mrs. Mohling directing kids in action and song!

Mr. Pagel helping Santa get dressed for his appearance.

December 2nd Bucket Filler of the Week

Britney Stover is a Bucket Filler t-shirt winner on December 2nd. Britney is a cheerful, delightful third grader in Mrs. Heeren's classroom. She is always smiling. I can describe her as a happy child! Mrs. Heeren says she is always helpful in her classroom and lends a hand to anyone who needs it.

Congratulations, Britney! We are so proud of you!

Tanner Njus is also our bucket filler t-shirt winner. Tanner is in the first grade and when his name was called over the intercom, he hurried to the office to find a shirt that would fit him. That wasn't hard to do! The first shirt we tried just fit and he said, "I will take this one!" He hurried to pose for his picture with a big smile. Tanner smiles a lot and is very helpful with his classmates.

Tanner Njus makes New Hampton Elementary a great place to be!
Congratulations, Tanner!

These classroom bucket fillers won a certificate from McDonald's for a free ice cream cone.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tasting Parties at The Learning Center

Tasting healthy foods is like a party! 

All the students at The Learning Center, New Hampton Elementary's early childhood program, have been learning about nutrition and the food groups these past few weeks.  The students have learned about foods that are good for them, those not so good for them, and once-in-awhile foods.

Recently, each child brought in a sample from one food group for all the students to taste.  Tables were set up according to food groups and the students rotated through each food group table. The students tasted foods from all the food groups, dairy, grains/breads, meat and protein, vegetable, and fruit.

Here are just a few samples of what the students tasted: yogurt, cheese, muffins, cereal, banana bread, snap peas, celery, beats, oranges, peaches, broccoli, craisins, apples.turkey, ham, and smoked beef.  Parents volunteered to help with the different tables. The students used the new food group place mats during this experience.

We so enjoy having parents come in to help out for these kinds of experiences.