Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kindergarten's 100th Day Celebration

The kindergarten students of NHE gathered together for a story read by Mrs. Kennedy..

On Tuesday, January 24th, after a few snowdays and a weekend occurred, the kindergarten students had all brought their 100 collections in for display and were ready to celebrate 100 days in kindergarten. After Mrs. Kennedy read them a story, they brainstormed what they had done for 100 days. They came up with: 100 Days of Bucket Filling! 100 Days of Jolly Phonics! 100 Days of Recess! 100 Days of Fun! 100 Days of Friends! 100 Days of Math! 100 Days of Pencils! 100 Days of Paper! 100 Days of Lunch in the Cafeteria! 

You can tell by the pictures below that the principal, teachers, students, and parents all had a great celebration. Thanks to the mothers and fathers who came to school to help out!

Mrs. Kennedy reads a story to the group.
Mrs. Kennedy loved the apron we made for her.
A parent helps students make 100 Day glasses.

It was great fun having both mothers and fathers there to help.
Do you like my glasses?
The glasses were a hit!
This helper is pretty handy with the stapler.