Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bucket Fillers of the Week on March 16th

Ben Tenge and Brady Rapenske were surprised and delighted to be called down to the office to be fit for their neon green, bucket filler t-shirts on Friday, March 16th. The day before St. Patrick's Day they were winning green shirts for being great kids. Now, that is the luck of the Irish. I guess we could call them Ben McTenge and Brady O'Rapenske because they brought this luck on themselves.

Ben is a first grader in Mrs. Hennessy's room and is usually smiling and happy about things here at school. He tries hard to be a good kid and I don't think it is very hard for him.

Brady is a second grader in Mrs. Wakeman's room and he is also on teh NHE roster of great kids. He is always being kind and helpful to others in his classroom.

We are proud of both of rhese students and thank them for doing their part to make New Hampton Elementary a great place to be. Pictured below are the classroom bucket filler winners on March 16th.

Thanks for the coupon for a free hamburger, McDonald's!