Friday, March 23, 2012

Bucket Fillers of the Week on March 23rd

The bucket fillers for the week of March 23rd are pictured above. They are pretty happy because they will each get a free hamburger from McDonald for making New Hampton Elementary a great place to be.

Madison Wenzlaff is a fourth grader in Mrs. Quirk's classroom. She is a great friend to her peers and is very helpful to Mrs. Quirk. I know she is also a big helper to her little brother Griffin.

Madison was so pleased to be called down to the office for her free t-shirt. Congratulations, Madison!

Preston Trower really deserves to win a bucket filler t-shirt. I have noticed he always uses his best manners in the cafeteria and is always polite and kind to others. He sure gives me lots of hugs!

Preston looks great in that shirt. It just makes his face shine.

Thank you, Preston and Madison. You are two of the reasons why New Hampton Elementary is a great place to be.