Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Giant PIggy Bank

The fourth quarter student bankers of the Giant Piggy Bank started work on March 13th. Of course, their first day was hectic and a little scary, but what added to the excitement of that first day was a visit by the president of the Security State Bank, the local bank that sponsors the Giant Piggy Bank. Mr. John Rigler came and observed their work with the customers. He was kind and gracious to each of them and even posed for a picture to highlight their first day after the bank closed.

The Giant Piggy Bank has been in operation at New Hampton Elementary since 1998. Currently the bank has 200 accounts and is worth more than $110,000. In June, the fourth grade accounts will move to the Chickasaw Savings Bank of the middle school and the NHE deposit value will go down, only to be build up again next school year.

The Giant Piggy Bank offers students the opportunity to learn the value of saving money. It helps students access some of the benchmarks of financial literacy outlined in the Iowa Core Curriculum.