Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Third Grade Youth Retreat

Third graders enjoyed a good stretch before getting into their mini youth retreat on Thursday, March 13th. The third grade students participated in a mini youth retreat with Nancy Kriener, Melanie Stewart and Mrs. Kennedy. Students were taught ways to keep their lids on when they are feeling as though they are being harassed or bullied through discussion and activities. Organizers of the event attempted to teach students to keep their lids on by putting them in touch with the triggers that upset them, giving them some practice in using self-talk when things aren't going right, and building  cohesiveness with that group of students. 

Fourth grade year is the leadership year for NHE students. The retreat activities were an attempt to prepare students for the leadership role they will have as fourth graders in just a few short months.

After a presentation on triggers (the issues and topics that come up that bother them), where most of these triggers occur, and by whom, students went back into their classrooms and wrote themselves a letter. In their letters they referenced their own triggers and talked about places and people who can be triggers for them. The letters were mailed home to each child along with an informative letter to his/her parents written by Mrs. Kennedy.
These two third graders were reading and sharing things they could say to themselves when they were engaging positive self talk.

Mrs. Heeren stopped by to assist these two boys in playing their self talk game. The game was designed so that students could practice using positive self talk after reading different situations that were relevant to their age.

The very last activity had students engaged in a magic carpet team-buildingactivity that was obviously a lot of fun.