Friday, March 9, 2012

Bucket Fillers of the Week on March 9th

What a great group of NHE students! 

Katie Brincks sprinted to the office to get her t-shirt when she heard her name called.  She couldn't contain her huge smile. Her face was as bright as her neon shirt.

Katie shares her enthusiasm and happiness at being a student at NHE every single day!

Congratulations, Katie!

Kira Tenge is another reason why NHE is a great place to be everyday. It is so much fun to meet this child in the hallway as she always shares a big smile with you.

Kira is a kindergarten student in Mrs. Throndson's classroom. She is such a great addition to that classroom.

We are proud of you, Kira.

Joshua Holschlag just knew he was going to win a t-shirt someday. He grinned from ear to ear as he posed for this picture. Joshua is a great kid and a special student in the third grade classroom of Mrs. Reicks.

He fills buckets with his smile and friendly nature every single day.

Way to go, Joshua.

Drake Wemark was happy to be called to the office as a t-shirt winner. He chose his shirt and readily posed for this picture. Drake is a great kid. He is a second grade student in Mrs. Wakeman's classroom.

I just knew your name was going to be drawn one of these days, Drake. Congratulations!

These students make New Hampton Elementary a great place to be everyday!